Monday, December 31, 2012

When it snows, I shovel. Always.

It's all pretty!

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Whenever we get snow, I have to shovel the driveway, no matter how much snow has fallen. It can be a tiny, tiny amount, and I still have to shovel. Why? Because my driveway doesn't get any sun, and any snow on there eventually turns into a horrible sheet of ice. It took me two years in this house to accept the fact that snow = shoveling. "It's not that much! Such a small amount of snow! I'll just sit in pajamas and drink coffee and stay here where it's nice and dry and warm." TREACHEROUS SHEET OF ICE. Every time.

The nice thing about this, aside from cementing my self-image as a non-procrastinating, productive person, is that I get to wear lots of things that I've bought off of Sierra Trading Post over the years (thereby justifying my longstanding love affair with STP, initially started because of my fixation on quality and value, but cemented by their fantastic selection of cheap Smartwool socks). My classic snow-shoveling outfit comes almost completely from that site.

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For those who are curious:

Auclair Six X Beanie Hat: wool blend, fleece-lined. $4.85
Carhartt Thermal Lined Hoodie Sweatshirt: the best hoodie ever. $18.75
(the shirt is actually a nightgown I made, and the jeans are very old)
Double Diamond by Black Diamond Sportswear Microfleece Tights: the ugliest things I've ever worn, and also the most comfortable. $12.97
Smartwool Medium-weight hiking socks: Probably about $7. I have gotten so many pairs of socks from STP, I cannot keep them straight (but I love them all).
Not pictured: Vasque hiking boots from ages ago: $45. I've had them for about 10 years and they have held up amazingly well.

The purpose of this post was not to drive me back to STP to look at more socks, but that's probably what's going to happen.


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