Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christopher Walken is amazing

"Bear costumes are funny... Bears as well."
-Christopher Walken

I watched "Seven Psychopaths" a couple of days ago and was struck by how nice it was to see Christopher Walken in a role that understood what a *good* actor he can be. He's in a lot of movies. It is said that he never turns down a role, and this seems likely. He's often the best part of a bad movie (often the best part of a good movie, frankly) and I always enjoy watching him, no matter what he's doing. But he's a really talented, award-winning actor, and that sometimes gets lost in the sheer volume of work that he does.

He's also a fantastic dancer, but I don't think anyone really forgets about that. If you haven't seen "Pennies From Heaven," well, I wouldn't really recommend it, because it is a disturbing, unsettling movie, but he has an amazing tap-dancing/stripping scene on a pool table that must be seen to be believed.

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