Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lentil stuff

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="403" caption="The best part is getting ambitious with the hot sauce and then drinking a lot of water because it buuuurns. The other best part is taking GREAT PHOTOS."][/caption]

This recipe is from The Hairpin, but with some modifications.

Mostly, measure NOTHING. Just use whatever onions and carrots you have in the fridge. Then forget what kind of tomato stuff you're supposed to use, and use whatever you have in your pantry. It will be fine. I'm serious.

garlic if you have it
tomato stuff (I've used tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and probably tomato paste, too, at various times, and it was always fine in the end. Different, but delicious. OK, maybe not tomato paste)
other stuff that you want to use up, like, maybe, meatless "ground beef" from Trader Joe's

Slice the onions and cook until soft in a pot of appropriate size for the random amounts of stuff you're going to be cooking (olive oil or you want to be vegan? or not-vegan?)
Slice the carrots and add them to the pot
Add whatever weird other things you've got sitting around but aren't sure what to do with. Stir.
(wash the lentils) Add the lentils to the pot, along with an appropriate amount of water for the amount of lentils
Cook for a while.
Add some hot sauce (sriracha, random very hot hot sauce in your fridge that your mom made, both, whatever)
Cook longer until the lentils are soft.
Did you put too much hot sauce in? Maybe you should have made some rice! You can make rice later and have it with leftover.

This stuff keeps for a really, really long time. And I think it gets better as it ages, like chili.

I don't have a good way to work pictures of cats into this.

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  1. Omg I just want to say: SECONDED. This stuff is the BEST, way better than you think it's going to be. And if you DO get ambitious and put in, like, jalapenos and parsnips and sausage? It's great. But never forget where you came from. Because it is SO GOOD with just carrots and onions and lentils and Siracha. (The only place I differ from Shena here is that I always, ALWAYS include/add Siracha [and ONLY Siracha-type-hot-sauce], and that I only do it at the very end, after it is done cooking and when it is in my bowl. Though I don't know why I do it that way, now that she has mentioned it?) Also, like, this is the best poor-person food. It will cost about $3 to make enough of this to last a week. Omg. I have just talked myself into making this tomorrow. SO THANK YOU FOR THAT, SHENA!!!

  2. (...That thank-you looked sarcastic but I just wanted to set the record straight: it was not.)

  3. (Also, nice cat.)

    (Also not sarcastic.)