Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow snow snow

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="I love shoveling snow!"][/caption]

We got about 10 inches of snow last week, which was exciting and pretty and all of the things that go with snow. It also caused a number of businesses to shut down (mine included, but we all just worked from home anyway) and many, many buses to slide off the road. 10 inches of snow on a north-facing driveway means lots of snow-shoveling. Which worked out fine, because I have excellent snow-shoveling clothes (they include a Columbia ski bib from the one time I went skiing in 1999, excellent snow boots, ski gloves - also used only once for skiing, but many times for shoveling - and a very heavy hoodie. Plus heavy wool socks, because I am obsessed with SmartWool socks and have many, many, many pairs. Pairs I never thought I would use, they are so warm!

I have a couple of neighbors who do things like shovel other people's driveways and mow the lawns of the elderly (I live on a block with many retirees, which is something I'd highly recommend, as they keep an eye out on EVERYTHING, but they're not great at shoveling because it is cold and difficult!), and one of them has a snowblower. I was offered the use of this snowblower, but refused because I am stubborn and young enough to shovel my entire double-wide driveway ON MY OWN! I am also young enough to SLEEP ON A FUTON for no good reason! What I am saying is that I am young enough to make terrible choices, and also my back hurts a great deal now.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Go KU! (my neighbor made this!)"][/caption]

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