Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mow all the lawns

I mow two lawns now, every week. Before I got my house, I really didn't like yard work, and one of the reasons I liked living in an apartment was not having to worry about that sort of stuff. Then I got a house, and my cheapness won out over my yardwork avoidance. I am not great at it, I basically mow about once a week (or once every two weeks in the parts of the year where you can get away with this) and my goal is never to have the best lawn, but to never have the worst lawn on the block. It's like that old saying about outrunning a bear. You don't have to be faster than the bear, you just have to be faster than the other person. In this case, the bear is yardwork. My dandelion-blessed lawn doesn't make this easy, but it has been all right so far.

Now I'm also mowing the lawn at my parents' house, which is luckily pretty close to my own. I don't think they're going to buy into my "the bear is yardwork" theory, so I'm actually trying to keep their lawn nicer. (They, and I, live on a street of retirees, which is AWESOME. There is no neighborhood watch like a retired neighborhood watch. They know about everything, and they will call the police if they get worried. I know it might seem like a bad thing, but it isn't. It's great.) Retirees love their lawns.

Mowing has become a good way for me to work through stress. It's mindless, there's a clear result at the end of it, and at least at my house, with my mower, there's also the added of excitement of "will this mower keep working until the lawn is totally mowed?" So far, the answer is yes. When it turns to no, then I'll get to fix a mower. It's either a throttle issue or a carburetor issue. I've never tinkered with either of those before, so I'm kiiind of looking forward to it. Small engine repair is fun, unlike painting (not fun. the worst). Plus, thanks to Craigslist, a new (to me), working (ish) mower is never far off, or very expensive. (at my parents' house, it's more a "this mower is so nice. I should get another mower like this for my house.")

I seem to be going the opposite direction with this blog than I did the last time I had a blog (on livejournal! remember livejournal? I do!), where I would tell interesting stories to the internet, and then when I saw people in person, I'd have nothing to talk about. Apparently I'm going for "aggressively boring" this time. Woo!


  1. I like the parts of this story that are about mowing.

  2. Okay, re-reading that, I'm noticing that it sounds totally mean. I did not mean it as mean as it sounds! (Also, didn't you have a neighbor who insisted on mowing your lawn for you? Like to the point of surprise-mowing it, even? Is he mad at you? What did you do!?)

  3. I have done a better job of keeping up with the lawn. He used to mow when the grass got kind of high (also he cuts it shorter than I do, so I prefer to just do it myself). I didn't think it sounded mean! Don't worry!