Friday, February 7, 2014

Chapter 8: Motivated Hooligans

One day, the boss had someone drop groceries off at the house while she was at work. Along with some vegetables and a box of plastic bags, an enormous bag of cat food was placed on a chair and left unattended. Donald and James were generally very good about respecting boundaries. Things on the floor were in their territory, and thus could be played with. Things on the couch, similarly, were fair game. When the boss would set down a sweater, they would sit on it immediately, as was their right. They were allowed on chairs. This bag of cat food was clearly theirs. It was going to be an exciting afternoon.

Though their concept of time was limited, they knew that the boss came home when the sunbeams were gone. There were plenty of sunbeams streaming in, so plenty of time to investigate this bag. Right after a quick nap.

Donald woke up on the floor of the kitchen, his fur still warm from the sun. James had jumped up on the chair and was wrestling with the bag. Though a large cat, able to stand up and see out most windows without a perch, he was small in comparison to the bulk of the cat food. Additionally, the designers of the bag had done their work well, minds bent toward durability. Despite his best efforts, he was only able to tear small pieces of paper off, and he could not breach the final layer of plastic to get to the food. Frustrated, he left to sulk under the coffee table. Donald stretched, considered the bag, and went back to sleep.

The boss came home to find pieces of paper on the floor and the two cats standing expectantly in the kitchen, no attempts made to hide their shenanigans.

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