Friday, February 7, 2014

Chapter 6: The Allure of Flowers

Donald and James were very good cats. They (mostly) didn't get on tables. They (mostly) didn't jump on counters. They (mostly) did not try to kick the boss' computer off her lap to make room for naps. However, all cats have their weaknesses. Donald and James loved flowers. They loved to look at them. They loved to smell them. They would probably have loved to eat them, but the boss had stopped all attempts at this, so while they suspected that flowers were delicious, they didn't yet know for certain.

One memorable day, the boss put a beautiful bouquet on the kitchen counter. Donald, very round and uncharacteristically clumsy for a cat, stretched his paws up toward them. He pawed at the cabinet. He sniffed the air. Then, gathering all his strength, he jumped onto the counter. The boss, fussing over something on the stove, rushed over to pick him up, and he let out a squeak of resignation. He had been so close. As she set him on the floor, she patted his head and told him, "I'm disappointed in you for jumping on the counter, but I'm impressed you made it on the first try!" He made a sad little face, and went to check to see if any new food had appeared in his bowl. It had not. Disappointment all around.

James had watched the whole thing, and waited for the boss to go into the living room. Unfortunately for him, his size made jumping onto the counter a noisy endeavor, and he was similarly picked up, removed from the flowers and scolded.

When the boss left the house later that day, she put the flowers in the forbidden master bedroom. Both cats sat outside the door for several minutes after she left, checking to see if the door could be opened. It could not. Yawning, they padded to the guest room to find some good sunbeams.

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