Sunday, February 9, 2014

Noises Cats Make: Floomp

"Floomp" is the sound a cat makes when it flops over. This is especially true when the cat is fat. The boss heard this sound a lot, usually when she was getting ready for work. She would be picking out clothes for the day, and she would hear that distinctive sound from the bed behind her. She'd look over, and see James making cool, quizzical eye contact, as if to say "What are you doing with those clothes, when there is such a soft, fuzzy belly to pet?" It was an excellent question, and one that had nearly made her late to work on many occasions. Donald deployed this tactic when he felt that James was getting more attention than necessary. He would meow plaintively, pace for a moment, then topple like a felled tree. Floomp. Usually, the boss would quickly ignore James to play with Donald, even though she knew exactly what was going on. It wasn't a complicated dynamic, and James never seemed to mind.


  1. I'm wondering if maybe I should write companion pieces about my (ex) cats. By which I mean, cat jock blogs.

  2. Why wouldn't you do that? That is the best idea ever.

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