Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chapter 10: The Unwanted Duck

The boss' parents didn't spend much time with Donald and James, because the boss' mother was very allergic to cats. This was unfortunate, but she kept up on their adventures thanks to photos and stories the boss would send. The boss' dad got to see the cats every once in a while, but they didn't know him very well, and had a tendency to hide when he came over. Donald and James were particular about visitors. Donald was skittish, but given time, his love of petting and attention would win out over his nervousness around new people. James took a very different approach. He refused to show fear, and would stoically stare from the corner of the couch if people came over. Then he would walk over, meow, allow them to pet him, and decide whether he would be headed to the basement - not because he was afraid, of course. No, merely because perhaps there was something he wanted to see down there. He was a very busy cat. No time for all of this socializing.

While on vacation, the boss' parents found a little toy duck. It was orange and gray, and the gray was exactly the shade of Donald's fur. They had heard about James and his penguin, and they told the boss that perhaps Donald felt left out, and perhaps this little duck could be his new friend. She was skeptical, but she said "thank you," and brought the duck home. It was a beautiful little toy. It had a clever little noisemaker in it that made a duck sound, which, luckily, was very difficult to activate. It was very soft and nicely made, and she set it under the coffee table for Donald and James to investigate. James sniffed at it, but it was no penguin, and he left it alone. Donald sat next to it for a while, but made no effort to play with it. After all the drama with the penguin, this was a little anticlimactic.

The duck sat under the coffee table for days. The cats played around it, but neither one seemed interested in carrying it around or cuddling with it. The boss didn't feel sorry for it, because it was a toy, but she was a little disappointed that there would be no adorable symmetry of James/penguin and Donald/duck.

One night, while watching the boss watch television, Donald hopped up onto the couch with the duck in tow. He curled up next to her with the duck wrapped in a little hug. The boss carefully reached for her camera, got one good photo, and decided that the duck had been an excellent present.

His good deed done, Donald never played with the duck again.

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